10/10/2021 ON AIR





T01. 13:01:03  The Other Side/Aerosmith

T02. 13:05:37  Cryin’/Aerosmith

T03. 13:10:47  Only You Can Rock Me/UFO

T04. 13:14:56  Doctor Doctor/UFO

T05. 13:19:42  Slice Your Pie/Motley Crue

T06. 13:23:52  Don’t Go Away Mad/Motley Crue

T07. 13:29:18  It’s Not My Time/3Doors Down

T08. 13:33:12  Away From The Sun/3Doors Down

T09. 13:37:22  Is That You/Kiss

T10. 13:41:07  Shock Me/Kiss

T11. 13:44:56  A Light In The Black/Rainbow

T12. 13:53:09  Long Live Rock And Roll/Rainbow