11/27/2022 ON AIR

T01. 13:01:02  Boiler/Limp Bizkit

T02. 13:07:13  Hey You/Disturbed

T03. 13:11:49  Planet Zero/Shinedown

T04. 13:15:38  Let Me Be Myself/3 Doors Down

T05. 13:19:18  Ramon Ayala/Giovannie & The Hired Guns

T06. 13:22:08  Never Enough/Black Pistol Fire

T07. 13:27:24  Scars/Papa Roach

T08. 13:30:48  Smell Like Teen Spirit/Nirvana

T09. 13:35:49  Spirit/The Blue Stones 

T10. 13:39:52  A Little Pain/Olivia Lufkin

T11. 13:45:12  Rhinosaur/Soundgarden

T12. 13:48:23  Taking Me Back/Jack White

T13. 13:52:31  Temple Of Ekur/Volbeat

11/20/2022 ON AIR

T01. 13:01:03  雨不灑花花不紅/白虹

T02. 13:03:31  The Stripper/David Rose

T03. 13:06:21  (Oh) Pretty Woman/Van Halen

T04. 13:09:12  Dirty Movies/Van Halen

T05. 13:13:21  Burden In My Hand/Soundgarden

T06. 13:18:03  Spoonman/Soundgarden

T07. 13:22:41  Angel/Aerosmith

T08. 13:28:02  Cryin’/Aerosmith

T09. 13:33:15  Bohemian Rhapsody/Queen

T10. 13:38:50  Fat Bottomed Girls/Queen

T11. 13:42:22  Monsters/Shinedown

T12. 13:46:24  Amaryllis/Shinedown

T13. 13:50:31  Anything Goes/Guns N’Roses

T14. 13:53:55  Yesterdays/Guns N’Roses

11/13/2022 ON AIR


T01. 13:01:03  紅色/General Head Mountain

T02. 13:04:46  泥水のメロディー/a flood of circle

T03. 13:07:28  Casino Drive/Red Warriors

T04. 13:11:48  路上のルール/橘いづみ

T05. 13:16:35  Stand Up/Rize 

T06. 13:20:35  Best Friend/Resistance

T07. 13:23:51  Evolution/Beck

T08. 13:26:30  Midnight Summer Love/Kiss The Rod

T09. 13:29:44  Gypsy Sandy/Thee Michelle Gun Elephant

T10. 13:34:52  Price To Pay/Pay Money To My Pain

T11. 13:40:53  Granite/MONOEYES

T12. 13:44:39  Ride On/Raga Rock

T13. 13:48:19  透明少女/Number Girl

T14. 13:51:40  レイメイ/さユりx MY FIRST STORY 

11/6/2022 ON AIR


T01. 13:01:03  Let Me By Myself/3 Doors Down

T02. 13:05:25  Isn’t It About Time/Stephen Stills & Manassas

T03. 13:08:19  My Friends/Red Hot Chili Peppers

T04. 13:12:30  Walkabout/Red Hot Chili Peppers

T05. 13:17:46  One In The Morning/Sara Lov

T06. 13:21:01  Remember Me/Quruli

T07. 13:26:31  Let Me Go/3 Doors Down

T08. 13:30:19  Black Hole Sun/Soundgarden

T09. 13:35:33  November Rain/Guns N’Roses

T10. 13:44:07  Riders On The Storm/The Doors

T11. 13:50:56  Disillusioned/A Perfect Circle 

10/30/2022 ON AIR


T01. 13:01:03  Sting Me/The Black Crowes

T02. 13:06:23  Hotel Illness/The Black Crowes

T03. 13:10:31  Jemima Surrender/The Band

T04. 13:13:58  The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down/The Band

T05. 13:17:33  Can’t Stop/Red Hot Chili Peppers

T06. 13:22:00  Minor Thing/Red Hot Chili Peppers

T07. 13:25:35  Fire/The Jimi Hendrix Experience 

T08. 13:28:12  Little Wing/The Jimi Hendrix Experience

T09. 13:30:42  Magic/The Blue Stones

T10. 13:34:52  Lights On/The Blue Stones

T11. 13:38:03  This Life/Pay Money To My Pain

T12. 13:44:20  Pictures/Pay Money To My Pain

T13. 13:48:27  Give Me A Sign/Breaking Benjamin

T14. 13:52:40  Without You/Breaking Benjamin

10/23/2022 ON AIR


T01. 13:01:03  Funk#49/James Gang

T02. 13:04:57  Don’t Cry/Morgan Wade

T03. 13:08:36  Peace Of Mind/Boston

T04. 13:13:23  Angels Fall/Breaking Benjamin

T05. 13:17:15  Away From The Sun/3 Doors Down

T06. 13:21:02  Be My Fire/The Blue Stones

T07. 13:24:11  Under The Lighthouse/Big Wreck

T08. 13:28:13  Boulevard Of Broken Dream/Green Day

T09. 13:32:38  Factory Girl/The Pretty Reckless

T10. 13:36:11  Speak Of The Devil/Black Pistol Fire

T11. 13:41:00  Place In Time/Joyous Wolf

T12. 13:44:49  Cum On Feel The Noize/Quiet Riot

T13. 13:49:16  Cum On Feel The Noize/Oasis

T14. 13:54:10  Shot In The Dark/AC⚡︎DC

10/16/2022 ON AIR


T01. 13:01:47  King’s Rock And Roll/Red Warriors

T02. 13:06:23  Pink Spider/Rize

T03. 13:09:47  Run Run/MONOEYES

T04. 13:13:31  退廃の煌き/TENSAW


T06. 13:22:39  罪と罰/椎名林檎

T07. 13:27:10  NOKINAMI/Rei©︎hi

T08. 13:30:26  That Power Is Yet Unknown/The World Ends With You

T09. 13:34:25  逆光/Ado

T10. 13:38:19  Space Sonic/ELLEGARDEN

T11. 13:41:42  Honey/L’Arc-en-Ciel

T12. 13:45:24  羽/General Head Mountain

T13. 13:48:38  Innocent In A Silent Room/Pay money To my Pain