09/24/2023 ON AIR


T01. 13:00:43  Wasted Days ft. Bruce Springsteen/John Mellencamp

T02. 13:05:53  One Horse Town/Blackberry Smoke

T03. 13:09:42  Into The Great Wide Open/Tom Petty&The Heartbreakers

T04. 13:13:24  Nothing Left To Lose/The Pretty Reckless

T05. 13:17:42  Wait For You/Stone Broken

T06. 13:22:13  Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye/The Black Crowes

T07. 13:28:30  Hard Luck Woman/KISS

T08. 13:31:45  To Be With You/MR.BIG

T09. 13:35:01  Cape No.7/Fan Yi Chen

T10. 13:38:41  I Don’t Want To Talk About It/Rod Stewart

T11. 13:43:28  Caught In A Dream/Tesla

T12. 13:48:26  Heartbreak Station/Cinderella

T13. 13:52:51  Pink Houses/John Mellencamp

09/17/2023 ON AIR


T01. 13:00:43  Heaven Beside You/Alice In Chains

T02. 13:06:06  Dam That River/Alice In Chains

T03. 13:09:19  Down/Stone Temple Pilots

T04. 13:13:01  Interstate Love Song/Stone Temple Pilots

T05. 13:16:17  Amaryllis/Shinedown

T06. 13:20:07  Miracle/Shinedown

T07. 13:23:39  In The End/Linkin Park

T08. 13:27:04  Crawling/LinkinPark

T09. 13:30:26  Gasoline/Audioslave

T10. 13:35:04  What You Are/Audioslave

T11. 13:39:20  Angels Fall/Breaking Benjamin

T12. 13:43:09  Without You/Breaking Benjamin

T13. 13:47:23  Rain/Pay money To my Pain

T14. 13:52:33  Price To Pay/Pay money To my Pain

09/10/2023 ON AIR


T01. 13:00:39  Jumpin Jack Flash/The Rolling Stones

T02. 13:04:44  Street Fighting Man/The Rolling Stones

T03. 13:07:59  You Really Got Me/The Kinks

T04. 13:10:13  All Day And All Of The Night/The Kinks

T05. 13:12:39  Woodstock/Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

T06. 13:16:25  Carry On/Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

T07. 13:20:51  Oye Como Va/Santana

T08. 13:25:04  Evil Ways/Santana

T09. 13:29:03  Fat Bottomed Girls/Queen

T10. 13:32:13  Dragon Attack/Queen

T11. 13:37:02  Rock And Roll/Led Zeppelin

T12. 13:40:53  Over The Hills And Far Away/Led Zeppelin

T13. 13:45:38  Golden Slumbers/The Beatles

T14. 13:47:10  Carry That Weight/The Beatles

T15. 13:48:47  The End/The Beatles

T16. 13:50:58  Ezy Ryder/The Jimi Hendrix Experience

T17. 13:55:06  Little Wing/The Jimi Hendrix Experience


09/03/2023 ON AIR


T01. 13:00:46  Do You Really Want It/Nothing More

T02. 13:05:22  Innocent In A Silent Room/Pay money To my Pain

T03. 13:09:20  For My Sake/Shinedown

T04. 13:13:02  Another Song/Podunk

T05. 13:16:30  The Boys Of Summer/The Ataris

T06. 13:20:44  Won’t Take Me Alive/Dirty Honey

T07. 13:24:35  Stir It Up/Tesla

T08. 13:30:17  Killing Season/Ayron Jones

T09. 13:33:48  Miles Above Me/MammothWVH

T10. 13:37:45  Judgement Day/Whitesnake

T11. 13:43:03  Silent Lucidity/Queensryche

T12. 13:48:45  These Days/3 Doors Down

T13. 13:52:30  Wake Me Up When September Ends/Green Day  

08/27/2023 ON AIR


T01. 13:02:55  5150/Van Halen

T02. 13:08:42  Dreams/Van Halen

T03. 13:13:28  All My Life/Foo Fighters

T04. 13:17:58  Rescued/Foo Fighters

T05. 13:22:11  Scars/Dirty Honey

T06. 13:26:12  Heartbreaker/Dirty Honey

T07. 13:29:56  Miles Above Me/MammothWVH

T08. 13:34:04  Distance/MammothWVH

T09. 13:38:12  The Ocean/Led Zeppelin

T10. 13:42:40  The Rain Song/Led Zeppelin

T11. 13:50:14  The Loneliest/Maneskin

T12. 13:54:29  Zitti E Buoni/Maneskin

08/20/2023 ON AIR


T01. 13:00:43  Just Pretend/Bad Omens

T02. 13:05:04  Learn To Fly/Foo Fighters

T03. 13:08:59  Replay/DramaGods

T04. 13:12:40  Deep End/I Prevail

T05. 13:16:15  Mine All Mine/Van Halen

T06. 13:21:26  Fell On Black Days/Soundgarden

T07. 13:26:27  Living Dead Girl/Rob Zombie

T08. 13:29:54  Wild Child/W.A.S.P.

T09. 13:34:58  Man In The Box/Alice In Chains

T10. 13:39:53  Wish You Were Here/Incubus

T11. 13:43:26  Bad Man/Disturbed 

T12. 13:46:46  絆ノ奇跡/Man With A Mission+milet

T13. 13:50:31  Miracle/Shinedown

T14. 13:54:03  My Goodbye/Automatic Loveletter



08/12/2023 ON AIR


T01. 14:00:47  Ice Cream Man/Van Halen

T02. 14:04:45  Is That You/Kiss

T03. 14:08:37  Get It On/Kingdom Come

T04. 14:12:55  Way Cool Jr./Ratt

T05. 14:16:57  Now You’re Gone/Whitesnake

T06. 14:21:10  Let’s Get It Up/AC/DC

T07. 14:24:57  Dani California/Red Hot ChiliPeppers

T08. 14:29:48  Cat Scratch Fever/Ted Nugent 

T09. 14:33:36  Everlong/Foo Fighters

T10. 14:37:51  Misty Mountain Pop/The Black Crowes

T11. 14:42:47  Ten Years Gone/The Black Crowes

T12. 14:49:10  Jealous Again/The Black Crowes

T13. 14:53:34  Hotdogs And Hamburgers/John Mellencamp